Friday, July 13, 2007

RockvilleLaw First Blog

This is the first Blog entry of Jeffrey D. Goldstein at RockvilleLaw. Jeffrey D. Goldstein is an attorney practicing with the law firm of Smith, Lease & Goldstein, LLC in, (surprise) Rockville, Maryland. We are findable on the web at or

On this RockvilleLaw Blog, I will strive to provide useful and interesting information related to my law practice which includes civil litigation of real estate, construction, collection, corporate, commercial and residential landlord/tenant and many other matters.

In addition to representing individuals and companies in varied litigation, a large part of my practice is serving as outside general counsel to a number of local businesses.

My business clients include companies that:

Provide web-hosting, network administration and Internet related services;
Develop Alternative Education programs for state and local governments;
Provide design, printing, and duplication services;
Enagage in transportation planning for state and local governments;
Are government contractors providing networking, cabling, and software development services;
Organize trade shows throughout the country;
Provide fire and water restoration services;
Construct home improvements and build new construction;
Own and operate automotive dismantling and recycling centers;
Provide real estate title services; and
Manage residential properties.

However you have made it to this Blog, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to post some interesting topics, or at least topics that are interesting to me.

Jeff Goldstein

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