Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dan Snyder v. The Washington City Paper -- Why Didn't Snyder Choose Home Field Advantage?

In a case of note, local businessman Daniel Snyder of Rockville/Potomac, MD brought a libel suit in New York against local free newspaper The City Paper. A link to the lawsuit is here.

There is obviously a lot being written about this case now. One issue that I have not seen any information on is the choice of forum/venue. Snyder sued in New York, when he is a Montgomery County, Maryland resident, and would presumably have "home field advantage" here in Rockville. Or, maybe he thought that his reputation locally was so bad that he had to seek a venue where fewer people (Judges and Jurors alike) have formed an opinion of him.

I will wait and hope that the issue of venue/jurisdiction is litigated and that the case comes home to Rockville where it belongs.

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