Monday, September 26, 2011

New Business & Technology Opinion - Montgomery County Circuit Court

The Circuit Court for Montgomery County, Maryland, Judge Ronald Rubin, recently issued an opinion in the Hospitality Partners, LLC v. Brewmasters Hotel, LLC case.

The case is summarized and linked to by Edward Sharkey of the Maryland State Bar Association's Business Law Section at

In the case, the Defendant argued (on a motion for new trial) that a $2.8 million judgment was inappropriate where there was a contractual clause allowing the Defendant to terminate a contract without cause and calling for a termination payment far below the $2.8 million awarded.

The court held that the Defendant did not argue applicability of that clause at trial, and could not do so now on a motion for new trial. In essence, the Defendant was stuck with its decision to try and terminate the contract "for cause."

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